The ikon that is Akon – the original Konvict

Akon & G
Steve Sutherland and Akon knock heads

Akon, who is one of the biggest selling non-Americans to hit the Hip Hop scene, has a chat with Ashanti OMkar just after a scintillating session on Steve Sutherland’s radio show. It wasn’t his first at Galaxy FM and this time, multiple MOBO award (Music of Black Origin) winning DJ Steve Sutherland invited Sadie Ama (younger sister to Shola Ama and a newcomer on the British music scene) and also a very excited competition winner, Birmingham’s Baljit Kaur, who won the chance to meet and interview Akon on air. She’s been a massive fan of both Steve Sutherland’s show and Akon, since his international hits Locked up, Lonely and more recently, I wanna love you. With the track Smack that making waves and Akon’s huge global presence, not to mention his ownership of a diamond mine which made a lot controversial news, here is a true player, with a girl in every city yet an affable ex-con who has truly made it globally.

Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam AKA Akon was and raised in Senegal then US, the son of master drummer Mor Thiam. The first request was for him to greet in the different languages he speaks, he laughs and said: “Hi, Bonjour, As-Salamu `Alaykum and Naka nga def (in his native dialect of Wolof)” Immediately taken by his humility, the topic of his Indian tour comes up: “I loved it out there.” What about the girls? “They were beautiful, know what I mean – they’re stunning! I loved the food too. I had a great time.” Speaking about the furore about his sauciness on stage with Mumbai’s Channel V VJ (Video Jockey) Sarah Jane, he coyly responds: “It was just a show – it wasn’t anything X-rated, just a bit of fun on stage, all fun!”

Noting his amazing bling-bling, having a closer look at his heavily diamond studded watch was a sight to behold; Baljit and everyone at the studio were clearly impressed. As an enterprising young lad, Akon also owns Konvikt clothing and enthuses: “I have a new ladies line which y’all would love – it’s called Aliaune – it’s very classy and certainly high-end.” He also owns a record label entitled Konvict, part of Universal. “I have artistes like A-Wax, T-Pain and Chilli who was in TLC.” Isn’t she part Asian (Indo-Guyanese)? “Yes, actually, she is.” He ponders. As he mentions Islam in his song Senegal, he tells of his religious inclination: “I am not overtly religious, yes I am Muslim, but not practicing – I keep that side to myself.” Watch out for more on Akon, with his album Konvicted, a movie loosely based on his life entitled Illegal Alien played by Mekhi Phifer and a top-secret track with Sean Paul that I heard a sneaky snippet of.
WITH THANKS: The Galaxy team, Atlantic Records and Steve Sutherland – the multiple award winning magnamious most excellent mouth!


9 responses to “The ikon that is Akon – the original Konvict

  1. i will never go back i will stand by akon even if he misbehave the muzik control i still will love him BIG UP MAN LOVE YA A LOT WITH NO FAKE BLING BLING U ARE NOT LIKE OTHERS YOU ARE MADE IN AFRICA KONVICT ONE LOVE

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