The Mystery of Mistry (Jimi of Blood Diamond fame)

Jimi Mistry
The Mystery of Mistry (Jimi of Blood Diamond fame)

Here’s a gorgeous specimen who we thought went into hiding for a while, but he’s to appear on the big-screen quite a bit in 2007. With a career he started off back in 1996, in a non speaking part in Hamlet, he wasn’t too sure how his aspirations would pan out, while growing up in Manchester. Born into dual heritage Medical parents, a Catholic Irish Mother and Hindu Indian Father and now the proud father himself, of daughter Erin and husband to Meg, Jimi Mistry is certainly representing for British Asians. Watch out for him around the neighbourhood of Crouch End, North London, where his home has a view of Alexandra Palace and perhaps catch him taking a walk in Hampstead Heath, for Jimi loves London town, writes Ashanti OMkar.

Soon to be seen onscreen in the epic movie ‘Partition’, as Gian Singh, an ex army officer who romances the ‘Smallville’ TV series/Neutrogena endorsing beauty, Kristin Kreuk. The film also stars Neve Campbell and shows Jimi’s acting prowess going from strength to strength. While he is probably best remembered for his part in ‘East is East’ alongside such stalwarts as Om Puri and Linda Bassett, Jimi has achieved around twenty roles within a ten year career. While he played bit-parts in TV, with roles in ‘The Bill’ and ‘Eastenders’, his parts in ‘Mystic masseur’ and ‘The Guru’ got him move visibility in the eyes of movie makers.

Blessed with good looks, his versatile acting and ability to pick roles that pushed the boundaries has made him a face that most eager cinemagoers have become familiar with. He has played alongside many of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies, including Jennifer Love Hewitt in ‘The truth about love’, Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei in ‘The Guru’, Anne Hathaway in ‘Ella enchanted’ and more recently, the stunning Jennifer Connelly in ‘Blood diamond’. Speaking of which, here is a movie which throws him into the limelight even more, the moving story of the horrible plight of those stuck in the illegal trade of diamonds – he plays a small but pivotal role. Alongside Leonardo De Caprio and Djimon Hounsou, here is a film which already has a main cast of award winners, not to mention many a nomination for 2007 Oscars. He sports a new look – the bearded pilot and side-kick to the mighty De Caprio.

In the film ‘Touch of Pink’ – no, not the Lacoste for women perfume, but the one about the gay Muslim Canadian, he plays the offbeat role to perfection and similarly, in ‘Things to do before you’re 30’, amongst other movies, where he shows off his impeccable comic timing.

Jimi has an understated yet powerful presence in his acting and as one of Britain’s foremost acting talents, he is no doubt going to go far, especially if he keeps up the momentum in his movie releases. He has a work ethic that has no doubt been instilled in him by his parents – hard work and integrity. This is what gets an actor accolades, they say, so let’s watch Mr Mistry soar.


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