Short Story in a text by Ashanti OMkar

There was a challenge in Thelondonpaper, my favourite daily and I thought I’d send in this entry as a short 100 word story!

Treading on eggshells, that’s what I do day to day. When I hear the door open, a heartwrenching fear grips me. What mood will the one I loved be in? Today, he’s been drinking. I can smell that stench. I have to be brave. Get through this day. My escape is imminent. How will I get away from him safely? My friend has texted. Meet me on 8th Jan, she says. I sense an urgency. Does she know my plight? Should I open up and spill the beans, of my miserable existence, hoping to be saved? A grave decision indeed.


One response to “Short Story in a text by Ashanti OMkar

  1. Ashanti is really awesome… love her personality and sense of humor! She really boost, no doubt! Ashanti is a great singer and Iโ€™d give her props for that too

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