Spreading his wings – Rishi Rich and 2.9 part ways

Amicable parting of Rishi Rich from 2point9 Records
By Ashanti OMkar

After creating history in British Asian music, Rishi Rich and 2point9 have amicably parted ways. In the case of Rishi Rich has made history in the last decade and brought in a new wave of sound for British Asians. He has remixed for Britney Spears, Craig David, Mary J Blige and Ricky Martin. He also propelled Jay Sean and Juggy D to the forefront of the charts and has traversed the world in terms of tours and building fan bases. He also hit Bollywood in a big way, with Boom, Hum Tum and Kya Kool Hain Hum.

The Asian Post caught up with a somewhat relaxed sounding Rishi Rich, who states: “I’m in the studio working, as usual and my phone is ringing off the hook.” He continues speaking about his relationship which was obviously a very fruitful one: “I feel really happy, in the sense the Billy from 2point9 and I, are still friends, and still talk – we will be working together again. I just needed to get to the next level, I needed that progression. 2point9 did an amazing job in the last 4-5 years and I am happy I was a part of it.

The future is bright and a confident sounding Rishi says: “I am nurturing some new artistes; I will reveal details when the time is right. I am most certainly going back to why I do music – this being production, which was always my first love. I got saturated working on the same artistes and I never wanted to be a live performer. I love working in my studio in Perivale. I have a lot of work on, it feels good.”

He humbly says about his part in British music history: “Hope that it stuff continues for Asian artistes. Every artiste grows, for example, Jay Sean does is doing completely non Indian stuff that he is very adept at and Juggy is concentrating on pure Desi stuff, which is his calling. We’re all friends.” Rumours have been flying round about Rishi moving to the US, he clarifies: “There have been many talks about a US move. Indeed I am working with some artistes and songwriters over in the States. I can still work from UK, as technology allows me to do so, but I will be going out to US from time to time. I am keen to do my UK, India thing, US thing – there is a lot of ground that is left to cover.”

Rishi’s future ventures can be followed online: “Check out my official myspace site http://www.myspace.com/rishirichbeats and there are a lot of new pieces I am toying with. I am keeping with the urban thing and East West fusion, but I am innovating and doing what I initially set out to do which was to be a creative, behind the scenes person – I got too caught up in live shows and touring and I am now going back to my roots.”

Rishi’s cousin and cohort in music, Mentor is by his side: “It’s better for him if he moves on – 2poin9 have taken him to where they could. He deserves to be in a better place and my loyalties are with him all way.” Popular music group, The Sona Family also have a very positive view on the parting – Kazz, the female vocalist speaks for them: “Rishi is a talented and hard-working producer, a role model for young Asians of today to follow their dreams in music to make a mark in the scene, Desi and mainstream. We wish him the very best of luck with progression and international success.”


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