The Kher is back with Kailasa Jhumo Re

Kailash Kher – Kailasa Jhumo Re (Sony BMG) (PIC CREDIT – Pix Gremlin)
Kailash Kher

Having known Mr Kher for a few years and admiring his voice tremendously, it is a sentiment echoed by many – his songs, Mangala mangala, Tauba Tauba, Allah ke bande and more recently, Ye Rabba from Salaam E Ishq come to mind. His universal fan base of followers who love his Sufi style of singing and a voice that reminds them of the great legend, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The last time I spent with him was an adventure – walking down Regent’s Street, then Piccadilly, culminating in an interview in Hyde Park! A tiny man with the energy of ten and the lungs of a lion, it was indeed great to catch up with him on his recent London trip.

Over breakfast, he spoke of his busy schedule with his band Kailasa, they guys who worked with him to produce his hit album of the same name he fondly misses them on this solo visit to London. He says: “Brothers Naresh and Paresh and my Kailasa boys are always touring with me, especially in India. We have so many gigs and hardly any time to relax. In fact, the only time we get alone, we tend to sleep and re-energise.”

On the trip to Birmingham, he decided to give his agent Uday, the driver Nav and yours’ truly a very special treat. The first listening to his next offering, Kailasa Jhumo Re. He was certainly excited about it: “We managed to complete the music and recordings during a period of less than six months and I am very thrilled at its sounds. I have incorporated my faith with a tribute to Lord Shiva (this is the club banger, Bhu) and also the fact that music is to move to, so it’s about having a party.” He explains: “Jhumo re means let’s freak out.” The track Jhumo re comes on and indeed, we all begin to sway to its beat. He also says: “Soft numbers are also part of the album. I like to play with my voice and its range.” In fact, he’s so thrilled about his new work, that is catchy at first listening and set to blow up the Indian music scene indubitably, he plays it repeatedly on the journey. It’s a hit with the group in the car, memorable tunes that stay with us through the day, while he lit up the NEC stage at the Asian lifestyle exhibition alongside popular singer, Usha Uthup, actress Jiah Khan (Nishabd) and gorgeous Fardeen Khan.


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