Quick comparison between ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Provoked’

I wanted to share something I had commented on a Facebook status, about these 2 films, as comparisons are being made…

Provoked and Heaven on earth (VIDESH), though sharing the topic of domestic violence in Asian communities and having the bride who comes from India to a foreign country, UK in the former and Canada in the latter, follow entirely different scenarios.

Provoked is a true story of a battered woman who burnt her violent husband alive, while HoE was built out of 3 case studies of women in Canada and mixed with the mystical element of the play Naga Mandala (Girish Karnad) – to do with snakes… Deepa Mehta also spoke to me of other inspirations that led her to make it – the fact that domestic violence sees no colour or creed and it’s across all communities…

Both are very disturbing films on the plight of women and both have a strong message to the viewers. Even educated women are stuck in societies that approve of domestic violence and struggle to get away from violent men.

Heaven on Earth aka Videsh

Heaven on Earth aka Videsh


4 responses to “Quick comparison between ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Provoked’

  1. India needs to make these movies set in India. Why do they only make them set in the diaspora? Preity Zinta and others should use their influence to produce them there and address these problems in that country. Bollywood is in denial it is shameful.

  2. I agree, I guess it will take a courageous film-maker to make it and get it financed in India and set in India. But Domestic violence is a common thread – a disease of society, that needs addressing worldwide on a daily bases – sadly, even the police don’t see it as a priority in places like the UK. I know from experience! It is not only an Asian issue, thus, the more filmmakers pay attention to the topic, the more visibility and maybe more girls/ladies will escape their plight.

    Here’s another piece I write a while ago about it:


  3. You know what the saddest part is, currently the film (videsh) suffers from being to violent by the Censor Board. I think they should allow the whole movie, and not blurred or something. Is is happening, why aren’t people facing the truth.

    I have seen the movie and it is really intense, it shows how enormous the violence can get!

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