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Love at home
Recently, I was asked by Ronke Adeyemi, a fellow blogger and excellent writer, to comment on a very interesting piece she was writing. Independent fashion bloggers was a new site to me and I immediately agreed, was so cool and a bit different from the regular stuff I get asked about.

The topic was to do with blogs and the partners of the bloggers and the support that they may or may not give, as blogging and online life is now a distinct part of many people’s worlds.

I used to blog on ‘Blogger‘, where I would put selected articles I had written, but moved to WordPress when I realised the features and searchability. With the advent of microblogging via Twitter, things are rapidly changing and I am enjoying them tremendously. I am trying my best to blog more – when one is a journalist, it can get tough to have the mindset of writing and not being paid for it via blogs, but I realise how the interaction aspect makes it all worthwhile.

Here is the piece she wrote.


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