Ramchand Pakistani – a film to watch


Catch this thought provoking independent film in cinemas across the UK from July 17th, 2009 – it is well worth watching on the silver-screen and the characters will jump out at one, making one feel deep empathy and remind oneself of the horrid injustices of life and how people cope with them on a daily basis.

Institute of Contemporary Arts: July 17th-30th

Watermans Cinema: July 17th- 23rd

Riverside Studios: July 30th

Ritzy Cinema Brixton: August 7th- 13th

Oxford Ultimate Picture Palace: July 21st-23rd

Leicester City Cinema: July 30th – August 6th

Ramchand is a young boy living with his low caste Hindu parents on the Thar Desert border between Pakistan and India. When he runs away from home he accidentally crosses the border into India and is arrested as a spy. A riveting and highly emotive drama based on a true story.


“I was moved by the vision of the first time director, Mehreen Jabbar, who brought this real life story to a rustic looking film, with a great cast, particularly Nandita Das.”
Ashanti Omkar

“I loved the film. Beautifully made…Nandita is strong and moving.”
Mira Nair, director of The Namesake and Monsoon Wedding

“A moving story, realised with impressive maturity by first-time director Mehreen Jabbar.”
Time Out

“Gorgeous camerawork, elaborate art direction, soaring score.”

The New York Times

“Beautiful film…Stunning photography, warm wit.”
The Village Voice, New York

“A compelling story… gentle, low key and very realistic.”
The Times of India



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