Spotlight on a lady – 1st edition – Black Widow

I wanted to start a small tribute from me to ladies who inspire me, from wonderful Mothers and Grandmothers, to women with incredible careers, amazing survivors, fictional characters that I love and of course, a few familiar faces. I’m starting with an on screen character and the actress who plays her, that captivated me immensely.

As I saw Avengers last night at Cineworld O2, at the Sky Superscreen and was given a taster of the film in one of the D-Box seat screens, as a special preview (Thank DS for this, it was unforgettable, I just didn’t want it to stop), I was totally enthralled. The sound, the 3D, the adventures and moreover, the D-Box experience, which is the 4th dimension.

Back in 1998, I tried this at Universal Studios, on the Back to the future ride and today, it is a reality at our local Cineworld multiplexes across the UK. Once you go D-Box, watching a film normally will feel odd, IMHO.

What does this all have to do with inspirational women? Well, I have been partial to the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson since Lost in Translation, and felt that her BAFTA award was so well deserved. Seeing her as the formidable, super smart, super fast, super fly Black Widow, from the Marvel Universe, was a real treat. Watch her in action, below:

Is it any wonder why my spotlight is on Ms Johansson? She’s just been given her own star at the Hollywood walk of fame, she’s beautiful, and I love that she’s intensely private about her life! As for her incarnation as Black Widow, all I ask is for more!! After the post credits UK scene (spoiler alert –ย Thanos), I do hope this will happen, and soon…

Kudos Joss Whedon, for a MARVELlous comic book outing coming to life. I always loved your work and strong female characters in Buffy and Angel, Firefly et al.

Keep up your inspirational work, Scarlett, and may you always choose diverse roles, like those in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and We Bought a Zoo.


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