Shiny new French Press for morning coffee

I proudly present my brand new Bodum French Press, to make up for the broken La CafetiΓ¨re – Thank you Sister in Law, for this precious gift. It is absolutely beautiful.

Here is what transpired when my press broke – yes, I proceeded to make coffee in it, as you know how much I love my morning coffee:

We then realised that it was a big of a health hazard, what with potential chips of broken glass and all, so we said goodbye and threw it away, and as I knew that the sister in law was visiting, and she’d promised me a new one, we knew we could manage for a few hours. But, it was morning and my hubby was at home, which always means the gift of coffee and conversation. So, I decided to try out my Bodum tea maker, rather than make some Starbucks Via, which just isn’t the same. I coarsely ground the beans and the coffee actually turned out very well, surprisingly.

As my sister in law loves Akara, the Nigerian bean fritters that the hubby makes so well, he cooked and made a lovely batch, while we awaited their arrival. They were exactly on time, and came armed with a gorgeous new miniature Bodum Chambord French Press! It is one of the original French presses, designed in the 50s. Looking at the shiny new contraption, there is no doubt about it’s beautiful build quality and I must look after it well.

Says Bodum about the art of easy, yet lovely coffee: “The French press system has always been the simplest and ultimate way of brewing an excellent cup of coffee. Using fresh coarseground beans with water between 92 and 96 degrees brings out the very best in all types of coffee.”

Here is my new baby! πŸ™‚


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