Smile through the pain

Every once in a while, my health takes over and I have to be on lots of medicines and takes lots of rest. Today, I’m doing typing from bed, but I’m smiling and making the most of when the painkillers work.

I feel thankful when they do, as they give me some lovely moments to enjoy, even if I’m not doing much. There is beauty to be seen, out of a window, and with the internet, plenty of wonderful sights to see without leaving home. I keep as busy as possible, when this happens, as I believe that an active mind helps keep pain at bay. Yes, I may not be able to socialise much, but that’s my cross to bear and I am cool with it. There is a lot that one can achieve with a wireless connection and a laptop, IMHO.

I’ve tried a lot of alternative therapies, had surgery, but ultimately, my health is in my own hands – the Doctors cannot help, but I can help myself. I am thankful for the vat of spirituality that my family surround me with, and in my quest for enlightenment, I also seem to touch others, who are in need of similar words of comfort.

To anyone who has something similar, I have only one piece of advice: Embrace the good moments. This is akin to what Eckhart Tolle always said, in his best selling book, The power of now. It’s a powerful concept, as the pain maybe in the now, but if you go through it, you then move to the next moment of now, which could be pain free and so on – the circle continues till one gets through the discomfort and moves into better health. That’s my simplistic view of it.

I catch up on TV and enjoy a few guilty pleasures (cue GCB, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Vampire diaries, The Secret circle, Castle, The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, 2 broke girls, Big bang theoryChuck Lorre, you rockstar, Bones et al)

This is a video I made for all my Facebook and Twitter well wishers and wanted to share it with you all too.


14 responses to “Smile through the pain

  1. Smile is the best and probably the most powerful aid for anyone to live through the ups & downs of life – bravely, strongly, and happily. Cheers to your strength and may this smile be intact always! (We don’t need to know each other to understand one’s feelings is what I believe. Human feelings speak the same language across all) All d very best for you to enjoy each moment of your life, Sri.

      • Very true – although I’d like to think that life is NOT ‘full of pain for everyone’, as you put it, Shiva… Parts of life are painful, parts are sweet… We embrace as we put in… In my instance, I have something incurable, so I deal with it by understanding my own healing power within and using the power of the mind…

  2. Life is once.
    Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.
    Enjoy every moment Good or Bad,
    because the gift of life is life itself….. good luck πŸ™‚

  3. Smile always, no matter what and live in the present! The present (Now) is the real present (Gift) for us. Pleasure and pain are the two states created by the mind. They exist as long as the mind exists. When the mind reaches a state where it reaches transcendental state (cannot distinguish pleasure and pain), we can experience Supreme bliss! (Sat-chid-ananda)

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