Latest crush – Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk, The Avengers

I’m not quite sure why Mark Ruffalo is my latest crush, but he is. It could be due to my 2 screenings of the most MARVELlous The Avengers movie (one on the Sky Superscreen at Cineworld O2 in 3D, and the other on the super fab D-Box seat also at the same cinema, my fave place, a special treat for my hubby’s birthday), or perhaps it’s due to my loving The Hulk since childhood in Africa, when I watched a few TV episodes of the giant green being. In this Joss Whedon world of the Avengers, The Hulk doesn’t just “smash”, but he gives us some good laughs via his antics with the 2 Demi Gods, Loki and Thor. The brilliant Dr David Bruce Banner also says some Hindi words in the film, and lives in Calcutta, doing good to help the sick, with his medical capabilities, in an early scene.

Most of my friends know about my love for Chris Hemsworth and his character in Thor, and I have to say that I am very partial to Tom Hiddleston (who was great in Spielberg’s War Horse) and his Loki. Moreover, I also love Robert Downey, Jr and those beautiful eyes of his and his playing of the quintessential British character, Sherlock Holmes. I can go on about Samuel L Jackson and his being the highest grossing film actor of all-time and my admiration for him, or how cute Chris Evans aka Captain America is, and of course, how much I’m looking forward to seeing Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye, in the upcoming The Bourne Legacy.

But this blog is about Mr Ruffalo, who is of Italian and French Canadian descent and has worked as a bartender to fund his creativity. He’s not only acted, but also made films, as a director. He has fought through an acoustic neuroma, a brain tumor, and is indeed a survivor. I’ll be honest and admit that when I saw The Kids Are All Right, I didn’t really crush on him and I barely took notice during Scorsese’s Shutter Island. But his Avengers role really stood out for me, and I’ll indeed be watching out for his next role in Red Light Winter.


2 responses to “Latest crush – Mark Ruffalo aka The Hulk, The Avengers

  1. You’re quite right here Ashanti….Hulk was probably ‘the character’ that I enjoyed most as a child too due to the series that I used to watch back at home….like you said, he was one ‘helluva’ character in the Assemble, where his actions spoke, most definitely than he did!! Marvel comics is something I grew up reading since I was 11, so it was indeed the best thing that happened in a long time when I managed to attend the premiere. But tad bit disappointed because Chris Evans didn’t turn up, yup I’m big, big fan of the Captain! But overall the first time red carpet experience was brill!

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