Book Only love is Real by Dr Brian Weiss Vs Tamil film Anegan by KV Anand

I rarely take to blogging, but wanted to share some thoughts here, as watching the first day first UK show of the Tamil film Anegan, at Cineworld Wembley, brought back a wave of memories. This was due to the ode to Dr Brian Weiss and his past life regression true stories (of what is basically advanced hypnosis), being an inspiration for this film. The director of Anegan, KV Anand, shows one of Dr Weiss’ books in a scene too. In Hinduism, a religion I was brought up around, past lives and reincarnation, are common themes, and regression therapy is based on healing, where reliving those lives in a deep hypnotic state, brings back stories.

One of the books I was enamoured by, was Only Love Is Real, based on soul mates who are united by the therapist, as their past life stories matched, in many different iterations. It is based on the real story of a couple. In the Tamil film Anegan, this is basically the basis – there is one real life couple, and two past love stories. Of course, in true Indian film style, many masala elements, like fights, songs, and a villain come into play. Oh, and the high tech world of Chennai’s IT companies, in this instance, an uber-modern gaming company!


Anegan stars an actor I have followed with interest since his first film, Alaigal Oivathillai (1981) – as a small child, I somehow connected with this story, Karthik Muthuraman. And another actor, who began his career aged 16, with the film Thulluvadho Ilamai (2002), Danush, who I admire greatly for his versatility and ‘acting’ with his eyes. Throw in the beautiful Amyra Dastur, and you have the makings of a successful film, which opened to packed houses, worldwide.

Back to the regression story… I resonated with it from the first love story, set in beautiful Burma, with some sweeping music by Harris Jayaraj, and the time-jump when that abruptly ends in tragedy. The minute the word regression was uttered, I said to my date for the film, this reminds me of Dr Brian Weiss and Only love is real. And as the movie progressed, this was a recurring theme, where the heroine recounts these stories, all leading to a crime solving exercise. I also caught up with Dhanush when he was in London for Shamitabh, and he also spoke about his life and career, as an actor since the age of 16, and about Anegan too. Click to listen!

AO Dhanush social media

I’ve tried past life regression twice, both times, getting very little – one practitioner in Mumbai, back in 2005, said I was an old soul and was at the last reincarnation of myself. I’ll never know, I guess. But when I read the book Only love is real, it inspired me to write this poem, back in 2001. A lot has changed in my life since. I wanted to share this with you all, and also say a kudos to KV Anand and team, for Anegan, a film that I thoroughly enjoyed, the love stories tugging at my heartstrings!

Only Love is real (inspired by the Brian Weiss book of the same name)

Through lifetimes we meet
One look in each otherโ€™s eyes
One touch, even accidentally
Reunites our very being
Making alive our lost souls

Souls empty without one another
Different in every existence
Another time another place
Worlds apart culturally
Yet so similar, perfectly fitting

Though we love and lose each other
Through the generations
Regardless of time
Over & over
Our hearts search for those smiling eyes

In our spirits & minds
Our souls are one
Our true Love reigns
United in thoughts
Unified in our dreams

We are parted into our own worlds
Where circumstances are merciless and inevitable
Only love is real
Only our love is real
No matter who else shares our lives

Regardless of the Angels
Who give us love & protect us
When weโ€™re not together


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