MUSIC Submission Guidelines

Please read these MUSIC submission guidelines for my show, and email me correctly labelled .wav or hq mp3 files with credits to:  ashantiomkarshow AT gmail DOT com

Due to the volume of correspondence I tend to receive, please see that your music fits the below criterion, and please keep tuning into the show, to see if you make airplay – as I cannot tell you in advance, alas, if or not you make airplay, nor can I give you any feedback – I have to follow this as a strict rule.

Listening back to shows will give you an idea of the types of music, genres, and quality of recordings that we seek, and can make airplay on my BBC radio show. Here is the link to hear back episodes:

We prefer radio friendly length (2.5-4 minutes long), that are clean radio edits. Ideally, these will be expletive free, of words like s*it, f*ck, b*t*h, *n*igg*r etc, and the content of the music to also not be explicit or with contentious subject matter. Please alert me in your email, if your song has this type of content, and my team also sweep the music thoroughly before considering it. Please email the mastered audio .wav or hq mp3 MUSIC in South Indian or Sri Lankan languages like Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Tulu, Konkani, Sinhala, Kannada, or from the diaspora, as well as those with roots in South India and Sri Lanka, who are doing original song writing in English. We do consider other languages, or covers and mash-ups that have a direct connect to this region, but quality original music is given priority e.g. an AR Rahman song juxtaposed with Coldplay.

Labelling the music in this format in the audio file itself, is encouraged with no punctuation:

Song name Musician Name, Composer Producer Name, Album EP Film Name, Language, Record label, Year Country or city of origin.wav or mp3


Poison By Jegz Producer Jegz ENGLISH 2019 East London, RnB infused Trap.wav

Please send with full credits, with the Raaga name if it has a classical spin, and a description of the artistes, which city they’re based in, and why the music was created, with a brief description of the meaning behind the song, plus the release date.

I follow a process, explained below, to get music play-listed, upon approval of my show team. We work in shifts on the show, as per guidelines, and work with corporate style processes – all airplay is strictly at the approval of my editor and show team.

It would be great if you can send your music 2 weeks in advance of the release, as we lock the playlist on a Monday morning UK time, for the show that airs every Sunday, and the link will be live to share, every Monday. This lead time helps us align your music release date, with the show’s air date. Also, this is good marketing strategy for music, to build up anticipation with radio play, before release – the radio play gives your music visibility, to listeners who are interested in this region, genres, and your sound. It goes without saying, that my team have complete veto powers on the show’s music, and air play cannot be guaranteed. So tuning in or listening back is the way to find out if you make it on the show!

BBC Exclusives for a 1st radio play, ahead of release online, or on sites like iTunes and YouTube, are very much encouraged, and will be considered for the prestigious Track Of The Week and/or Raaga of the week spotlight segments on the show, where appropriate – if your song has a Classical base with Raaga(s), please inform me of the Raaga, and the ethos behind the track.

If you use WeTransfer, do be aware that files expire within a week so do check the expiry date when submitting, and Google drive is preferred – please make sure you give my email address access to your folder, and alas, DropBox doesn’t seem to work too well for submissions.

In 2017, 2018, and 2019, I played nearly 1000 brand new tracks, over 50 weeks, and 2 best of 2018 specials, based on those 1000 songs and interviews over the course of the year, so it is a huge process to curate this show. Your co-operation with the above, will be most appreciated.

AO BBC Show 21 Nov 2018.png

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